Marathon Only 4 Km from the port of Aegina, Marathon is the best known tourist resort of the island. A large sandy beach split into three smaller ones by natural and manmade piers for the boats is the beach children love, the sand grown-ups want, and the sea with deep sky blue everyone desires. Here, in the ‘middle’ beach, the quietest one, away from the umbrellas and the sun beds, with the boats swaying and the aftermath of playing, Ostria is nestled and awaiting for you...

Taking a Ferry Boat for passengers and vehicles from the port of Piraeus you arrive at the port of Aegina in 1 hour and 15 minutes. At the entrance of the port you will be welcomed by the church of Saint Nicholas the Thalassinos. On your way you will see the neoclassic 19th century buildings, the horse-drawn coaches, the cobblestoned alleys, the stark white churches, the imposing manors and of course the sea.

Aegina is a small island in the Argosaronic Gulf. An island grand in history. A beautiful, romantic island with many events, rich in tradition for discerning visitors. According to mythology, Aegina was the most striking of the 20 daughters of Asopus. Zeus fathered a son with her the descendants of whom bore Achilles and Ajax, the heroes of the Trojan War. On her soil it has unique historical monuments like the Temple of Aphaea, the archaeological site of Kolona and the Temple of Hellanios Zeus.

Modern history finds Aegina in a leading role in the Greek Revolution of 1821, while in 1828 it becomes the first capital of the Greek State. The Archaeological Museum, the Cathedral, the Governor’s House and the Orphanage are buildings-witnesses of the time when the island become the base of the first governor of Greece that had just been freed from the Turks.

Kipseli with the beautiful old church of Saint Nicholas in the Moulos area, Souvala with the hot springs, Paleochora with the monastery of Saint Nectarios and the medieval chapels built as protection from the pirates, Pachia Rahi with the Hellenic Wildlife Hospital, are some of the inland choice routes for trekking, relaxation and entertainment. For fun, beaches all around. Agia Marina with the beach and the pine forest, quiet Vaya reminiscent of the wonderful George Sarris and ‘The Treasure of Vaya’, Aeginitissa with the aqua blue waters and Marathon.