Each bite, each sip, each glance, is brightened by the sun dancing on the water and the ground all around. Some of them created by God’s hand. Some of them by ours. The Ostria people.

At the well known Marathon beach in famous Aegina, familiar to those who love the Aegean breeze and the tranquillity of the Gulf of Saronikos, Ostria restaurant wakes up early. It selects what is ready to be collected. The zucchini, the greens and the potatoes. It prepares breakfast before the sun is up. It puts the aromatic coffee on one side, the refreshing fruit, the fragrant bread, the jams and honeys and the fresh eggs in the middle of the big table and gets ready to welcome the first orders of the day.

In the kitchen we cut, separate, start the fire and begin. The onion is getting sautéed, the tomato grated and letting out its wonderful aroma, the fava (split peas) is boiling, the potatoes are cut…Everything is ready for lunch from early on. Arranged in a row, they present a challenge in choosing first, second, third and however many more plates. In the afternoon enjoy your coffee with a spoon-sweet or a rice pudding. In the evening, our kitchen, strong and tireless, is ready just before the sun dives in the waters in front of us, to once again welcome the requests of the customer.

If you found in Ostria the scene you like for celebrating the christening of your little ones, a celebration or the anniversary of an important event in your life, we are ready to plan the menu you prefer and prepare it the way it should be and on time. Furthermore, we are happy to work together with anyone you appoint for a well-rounded event.

Some additional but important points

In Ostria we feel the need to give as much as we can back to the beautiful environment we were blessed with. The hot water for all our needs comes from solar heating: kitchen, washing machines and dishwashers etc. We recycle with care glass, tins and plastic. The water we use to wash the vegetables returns to the flowers of our garden to water them. Each year we clean the beach from the algae which, together with the manure from our animals, we use as fertiliser in our vegetable garden. We never throw away leftover food that can be used as food for our chickens and goats, like the skin and parts of fruit and vegetables, bread and more.

In Ostria we made all these little practices part of our daily life, considering them necessary in the chain of development with environmental awareness.