On the edge of the water, on the moist sand of yet another bay in the Gulf of Saronikos, simple tables, plain wicker weaved chairs, hospitable smiles, willing hands and flavours that etch memories in the brain and the heart, that’s where you will find the Ostria restaurant.

Quiet sandy seashore, calm waters sheltered from the wind, the sea in front of us twinkling under the sun. We are in Aegina, in the Gulf of Marathon. In yet another blessed part of the Aegean Sea where for the past 25 years the family of Kostas Marmarinos is host to people and flavours. Small tables comfortably spaced at the edge of the water, on the sand that warms up our feet and our hearts, right there, Ostria restaurant creates dishes, moments, memories.

Here, people from every corner of the world come once and they bond with us for life. It is the irresistible entrees, the home stews, the delectable delicacies of the sea, the before and after, sweet and savoury that go with the wine, the ouzo, the refreshing alcohol, that make people come stay and return.

We offer just what someone needs to feel at home, relaxed and serene. We hold fast to quality, hunched over our vegetable garden that produces our raw materials, enthusiastic and watchful over the casserole under mum’s orders, cheerful when waiting at the tables all around, smiling for the good things life has given us: a beautiful place in the world, our own little corner where we can create flavours and pictures that accompany life. And that’s how we march on...