With the wisdom that comes over the years, the knowledge of tradition, the experience gained from the job, with the raw materials nature offers to us generously, we sorted our flavours according to the freshness of the morning, the saltiness of midday, the seduction of the evening.
resh vine leaves from our vines, rice that doesn’t stick, herbs just as the cook wants them, tight, strong wrapping, slow cooking, our dolmadakia yialantzi (stuffed vine leaves) feature first on the list of hors d’ oeuvres and not unjustly so. Next to them the melitzanosalata (aubergine puree) from an authentic recipe from Constantinople, a well guarded secret that does not get outside the walls of kitchen. Let us keep something for us too…


Possibly the best fava you have ever tasted. So simple and yet so delicious. Is it the peas? Is it the grinding in the mortar? Is it the love that for years now we put into our dishes? Whatever it is, our fava, the fava of Ostria, is famous.

Fried zucchini

It sounds simple and it is, if the zucchini is fresh and picked that same morning from your garden. You cut them like the potatoes, you fry them in fresh oil and you have them in one bite.

Snails or escargots

No matter how you know them, here at Ostria we cook them with devotion because we like them very much. The recipe? Traditional. We give it to whoever licks their fingers. And many of you do.

Potato chips

Fresh from our garden. Crunchy, not oily. What more do you want?

Horta al dente

We pull them out in the morning from our vegetable garden. We dipped them in hot water and we drained them keeping some of the precious boiling water. You add oil, lemon and salt to taste and they are ready to eat.

Pies. Many pies

Zucchini, spinach, cheese. All of them with handmade pastry. All of them cooked at home. Our home. Ostria.

Gkeremezi cheese

A little sour, soft, from goat milk. Here in Aegina we honour it. It is part of our tradition. The gkeremezi cheese of Ostria is made with grandma’s recipe from her goats. And it is indisputably the best!


Vegetables stuffed with rice, the kind that melts in your mouth, with the rice softening and the vegetable becoming one with the stuffing. The kind that brings you back again and again. Fresh green beans, sweet okra, imam bayildi, papoutsakia (eggplants stuffed with mince), briam (mixed vegetables in tomato sause), our garden in all its glory. Soutzoukakia (spicy meatballs), everyone’s favourite, young and old. We start with one dish and it is never enough. Not even for the youngsters. Next to them competing in orders, mouzaka and pastitsio that disappear from the plate in an instant, and the roasted meats, the lamb with our own potatoes, the beef with orzo in plenty of juicy tomato in season, the rabbit stewed in red sauce, this too our own, from the family farm. It makes its own contribution to Ostria. Everyday something different. Everyday few in variety and much in quantity so everyone gets plenty…of enjoyment!

And cooked to order

Octopus grilled and boiled for salad, possibly the one dish that completely captures our incredible summer. Fish straight from the fishermen of our region. Red mullet, katsoules – our local fish in Aegina – cod fish, white seabream, fresh calamari. Everything in its own season. Everything wiggling fresh. Everything healthy and scrumptious. And for those that meat is a must, grilled meats we supervise until just ready so they keep their juices and you can enjoy them the way you like them. Meals need company and so does their preparation.

Included in the flavours are of course the drinks. Ouzo, tsipouro, beers and wines from selected Greek producers chosen because they share the same gusto as us. Because their passion unfolds in every sip, just like our passion for this kind of work…in every bite.